Current projects

Alfa Romeo Spider 1942

Alfa Romeo 6C Mille Miglia

Completed projects

Maserati Ghibli Spyder

Maserati Ghibli

Austin Seven Singel Seater 1934

Austin Seven Single Seater

Aston Martin Db6

This Aston Martin DB6 from 1964 has been given a full body restoration and restored to its original specification.

Chevrolet Corvette 1958

This Chevrolet Corvette 1958 was restored to original condition by Motorima. The car has been given the award for best condition in the norwegian corvette association 2016.

Bugatti T 37

Ferrari 246 Dino F1 1960

This Ford V8 from 1937 is restored to absolute original condition

Ferrari TR 61

Ralph Lysell, born in Sweden, started during his education to become an industrial designer, dream about building his own car. Ralph had begun to sketch on a streamlined car with a “bubbel top” in plexiglas. The prototype, that weighed 870 kg, got the name “Rally” after Ralphs initials letters in his first- and last name. The car was supposed to be serial with 15 copys but only one prototype was made. Ralph was very success full and a big innovator during his time. 2008 initiated the current owner, Eirik Bøle from Oslo, a complete restoration at Motorima. One of the most difficult part, was to reconstruct the “glas bubble” .

Scandinavia´s most successful race car with over one hundred race competitions.

Snow white is called so cause it has never had any other color except white. It was built in Norway 1947-48 to a race car driver who was named Arne Hinsverk. In the year 1950 the car was sold to Sweden where Gunnar Carlsson got to drive it. He was very successful and won many races. The engine is pretty hard tuned Ford V8 with 180 hp from 1946. Snow white has also been in races on ice. It has now been renovated and prepared for the race, Velodromloppet, who was on 15-16 July.

Race preparation for Monaco Historic GP.

Bentley R-type continental fastback