Our Collection

To keep up the enthusiasm and to prevent that not all becomes “work”, it’s very important for us to own some cars ourselves.

March 721x F1 1972

This is the March 721x /2 which Ronnie Peterson drove at:

  • Spanish GP Jarma 1/5-72
  • Monaco GP Monte Carlo 14/5-72
  • Gold Cup Oulton Park 29/5-72
  • Belgian GP Nivelles 4/6-72
  • Ronnie Gala Anderstorp Raceway 18/6-72

The 721x was Robin Herds radical new brainchild. The fundamental principle behind the new car’s design was the concentration of as much weight as possible within the wheelbase in an attempt to reduce the “polar moment of inertia”. Unfortunately the customer Goodyear tires, March were running, were designed for a conventional chassis and suspension configuration. The front tires were completely overloaded and caused all kinds of trouble in corners from complete understeer to accute oversteer.
After three Grands Prix, ‘the experiment’ was over and the 721X was replaced. In the years to come, both the rear suspension and gearbox layout was applied on most Grand Prix cars, proving that the theories behind design of the 721X were correct.

We are now restoring the car and it will be ready for the opening of the new Ronnie Peterson museum in Örebro and for the Ronnie Peterson Historic Grand Prix 6-8jun 2008 at Anderstorp Raceway.

One lap with Ronnie at Anderstorp onboard 721x www.youtube.com/watch

Stanguellini Formula Junior 1958

Cooper T71 F2 1964

This is the Cooper T 71 F2 1964 which Graham Hill drove for John Coombs at Crystal Palace Whit Monday May 18 there he battled against the newcomer Jochen Rindt. 1965 Frank Williams bought it and drove it as a Formula 3 all over Europe, after the season he sold it to Sweden. Three Swedish drivers: Hans Sjöstedt, Bror-Erland Carlsson and Errki Salminen used it until 1969 then it was put away. We found it and have restored it to its original F2 specification with the rare Cosworth SCA 1000cc engine. It looks and “ screams” wonderful.

Alfa Romeo TZ1 1964

Alfa Romeo TZ1 from 1964