It all started 25 years ago as a desire to learn the art of building beautiful car bodies by hand and with very simple tools.

The very first attempt was to make a body of aluminum on top of a VW Beetle chassis, and the own brand MOTORIMA was born.

Seven cars like this were made but as the skills increased, no more VW parts were used, both chassis and suspension was made in house.

Restorations and “Recreations”

The interest of old cars has always been there, so more and more restorations was made on both vintage and sports cars.

As a consequence of increased experience, skill and the joy of creative work some “Recreations” of desired models have also been made. On the projects page, you can see examples of current and completed projects. In later years we have also rebuilt and set up cars for historic racing.

In all the projects that we are involved in, the enthusiasm and engagement is very important for a good result.

Magnus Ahlqvist at the Swedish tv-show Gran turismo with his extremely beautiful Alfa Romeo TZ1 from 1964.