Passion for Coachbuilding

Since 1983, coachbuilding has been a passion of MOTORIMA. Restoration or complete rebuilding of models from the past demands experience and craftsmanship. Drawings, photos and other documentation are used to determine the original character and design.

Willans Harness


We are the official agent for Willans Harness Motorsport Safety in Scandinavia.

Wheels of glory

We are the scandinavian dealer of the famous Borrani wire wheels.

Museum in Småland

Smålands bil- musik- & leksaksmuseum (museum for cars, music and toys) is located next us.

Historic Racing

Historic racecars are a big passion for MOTORIMA. To work but also drive them and hear the sound, feel the smell and speed at a racecourse is a privilege.

For 3 seasons Magnus Ahlqvist has competed with a Cooper T 71 Formula 2 1964 and it’s a pleasure to sit in the same seat as Graham Hill and Frank Williams has done.

An even bigger challenge will be to complete the restoration of Ronnie Petersons March Formula 1 of 1972, 721x and try to drive it.