Maserati tipo 151/4

Thursday 18th of June 2015

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The recreation of the last monster from Modena, Maserati tipo 151/4 is now ready for the road and track. It has a 4.2 l V8 300+ HP engine, weighs only 930 kg. O... READ MORE

Passion for Coachbuilding

Since 1983, coachbuilding has been a passion of MOTORIMA. Restoration or complete rebuilding of models from the past demands experience and craftsmanship. Drawings, photos and other documentation are used to determine the original character and design. READ MORE

Willans Harness

Willans Harness

We are the official agent for Willans Harness Motorsport Safety in Scandinavia. READ MORE

Borrani wire wheels

Borrani - Wheels of glory

We are the scandinavian dealer of the famous Borrani wire wheels. READ MORE

Smålands bil- musik- & leksaksmuseum

Museum in Småland

Smålands bil- musik- & leksaksmuseum (museum for cars, music and toys) is located next us. READ MORE [SE]

Laddar filmen...

From the Motorima "20th anniversary DVD" produced by MWi AB. The full 40 min DVD is available for 25€. Contact Motorima for info and order.


73rd Members' Meeting at Goodwood : Mar 30th -15

We were delighted to be invited to the 73rd Members' Meeting at Goodwood 21-22 March for a "high sp... READ MORE

Spring feelings! : Apr 10th -14

Winter work out in the first spring sun. READ MORE

Ready for delivery : Apr 2nd -14

The elegant Bentley R-type Continental Fastback from 1954 has gone through a restoration during th... READ MORE

Classic race Aarhus 2013 : Jun 2nd -13

This year we headed for Aarhus classic race Denmark with two cars. The ex. Graham Hill Cooper T-71 F2 1964 a... READ MORE

Ready for speedrecord on ice ! : Dec 21st -12

  No, the ice is not yet thick enough for driving but it was something like this it looked 1954 when ... READ MORE
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